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Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture Month
Exploring the inheritance and innovation of the porcelain capital through ancestral kilns and Jingdezhen's Tao Xichuan

China has a long and rich history of ceramic culture, and Jingdezhen plays an important role in it. Two videos on Feng's ancestral kiln and the Tao Xichuan cultural industry demonstration park in Jingdezhen are launched by the Berlin Chinese Culture Center in collaboration with the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism. These videos fully demonstrate the intergenerational inheritance and continuous innovation of Jingdezhen's ceramic culture, and also help to successfully conclude "Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture Month".

Feng's ancestral kiln in Jingdezhen was founded in 2012 by the two brothers, Feng Shanghui and Feng Shanglun. According to available data, it is estimated that their family's kiln firing skills have been passed down to the 19th generation, and their family skills have lasted for over a hundred years. For generations, people have adhered to the ancient firing method of firewood kiln, continuously improving the firewood kiln process, and restoring the beauty of traditional artifacts. As the Feng family said: "We build ancestral kilns in order to better inherit, explore, innovate, and develop the firing skill of firewood kilns, giving future generations a more direct experience when understanding the history of porcelain making."

Tao Xichuan is located in the center of the Dongcheng District of Jingdezhen. It is a commercial, tourism and culture project based on the protection and utilization of ceramic industrial heritage, integrating industrial upgrading and urban renewal. The overall planning is about 1 square kilometers, and the total construction area is about 1.6 million square meters. The park has opened and areas, such as the Cosmic Porcelain Factory, the Ceramic Machinery Factory as well as the Weimin Porcelain Factory, currently are in operation. In recent years, the " Tao Xichuan Phenomenon" has received widespread attention from all sectors of society, winning 64 national and provincial honors. It is the only national cultural industry demonstration park in Jiangxi Province, a national entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base, a national entrepreneurship incubation demonstration base, a national copyright demonstration park, and a national tourism technology demonstration park.