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Nihao! China
China’s Grand Canal Tourism Overseas Promotion Season 2024

江苏 Jiangsu

The canal meanders leisurely, weaving its way gracefully. As a significant symbol of Chinese civilization, the Grand Canal, a waterway excavated by human hands, connects the vast water networks of the land of Huaxia, forming the economic and cultural lifeline of north and south China. Continuously, it writes magnificent poems of traditional culture and modern civilization on both banks. Along the Jiangsu section of the Grand Canal, 13 renowned historical and cultural cities and 28 national historical and cultural towns stand as a testament to its enduring impact. Its pulsating journey never ceases. Crossing millennia, it continues forward into the present!

“The Flowing Civilization” Mircro documentary of the Jiangsu section of the Grand Canal

The Grand Canal in particular runs through eight cities of Jiangsu Province, including Yangzhou, where it originates, stretching to 690 kilometers with 22 heritage sites and 6 heritage sections. Numerous traditional gardens, ancient towns, and eye-dazzling pagodas line both sides of the canal. Thanks to the Grand Canal, cities along which have developed various specialties such as agriculture, rituals, cuisine, and folk culture, contributing to water charm and humanistic connotation of Jiangsu.

Wuting Bridge of Slender West Lake, Yangzhou (Photo by Shu Xiaojian)

Zhenguo Temple Pagoda and the Grand Canal (Photo by Shu Xiaojian)

Master-of-Nets Garden (Photo by Shu Xiaojian)

Zhouzhuang Ancient Town (Photo by Shu Xiaojian)

The Gate of the Orient, Suzhou (Photo by Cao Jun)

Cherry Blossom Season in Yuantouzhu,Wuxi (Photo by Shu Xi Heping)

Qingjiangpu Scenic Area, Huai'an (Photo by He Jianghua)

Morning Scene of The Great Canal (Suqian) (Photo by Liang Zhenyu)

Yaowan Ancient Town, Xuzhou (Photo by Zhang Chengjun)

Qingguo Lane, Changzhou (Photo by Wang Yang)

Aerial View of Zhenjiang (Photo by Shu Xiaojian)