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Nihao! China
China’s Grand Canal Tourism Overseas Promotion Season 2024

Waiting for you in Wuxi

Route1 Visit the Canal Family

The canal stretches for thousands of miles, bridging the past and the present. The Grand Canal is a window for the world to explore Jiangnan. In the Wuxi section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, landmarks like forests, springs, ancestral halls, gardens, Nanchan Temple Pagoda, and ancient bridges create a painting of “Along the River of Jiangnan”.

With a rich history, the Wuxi Grand Canal seamlessly incorporates the water town’s simple yet profound folk customs, establishing itself as one of Jiangnan’s most beautiful and unique landscapes.


Route 2: Visit Gardens of Jiangnan Region (Region South of the Yangtze River)

I didn’t mean to visit Jiangnan region, but I can’t help indulging myself with its picturesque landscape. Throughout the ages, Jiangnan region has been taken a symbol of romance. The Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty even visited Jiangnan region six times during his reign only for the strikingly expressive landscape.

The gardens in Jiangnan region are better than any other. But, which one ranks first? In this summer, I stay away from the crowd and visit Jichang Garden—one of four great gardens of Jiangnan region in Wuxi, a city located on the bank of Taihu Lake. It not only keeps the essence of classical gardens alive but also magnifies strength of garden views owing to favored location beside mountains and lakes. It, as an exceptional foothill-style garden, additionally embraces humanistic charm because of tea culture and treasured scrolls of calligraphy for thousands of years.

Come with us to witness the beauty of Jichang Garden and immerse ourselves in Jiangnan scenery in Wuxi!


Route 3: Enjoy Intangible Cultural Heritages of Wuxi

If you want to fathom the spirit of Wuxi as a city in Jiangnan region (region south of the Yangtze River), you need to first study carefully its history and culture. An educational trip in Wuxi during the summer vacation is highly recommended, which enables them to get closer to profound traditional Chinese culture and intangible cultural heritages.