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Nihao! China
China’s Grand Canal Tourism Overseas Promotion Season 2024

Jing-Jin-Ji cluster (Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei)

Jing-Jin-Ji cluster is an expanded urban agglomeration consisting of Beijing (Jing), Tianjin (Jin), and Hebei (Ji). It is the biggest urban agglomeration region in North China, including an economic region surrounding the municipalities of Beijing and Tianjin, and along the coast of the Bohai Sea.

The Jing-Jin-Ji cluster geographically connects the cities and regions of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei as well as its people. Strong reciprocal influence between the three caused mutual integration and a well-coordinated development throughout the long-shared history within the cluster region. Located in the center of Northeast Asia around the Bohai Rim, the Jing-Jin-Ji cluster is the largest and most dynamic region in Northern China and is increasingly attracting national as well as international attention.



144-hour Visa-free Transit and Tax Free Shopping

北京城市副中心 Beijing Municipal Administrative Center

大运河 The Grand Canal

五河交汇 Confluence of Five Rivers

北关闸八孔桥 The Eight-Arch Bridge at Beiguanzha

Photo by BAI Zhihai 白志海


静以致远 海纳百川

Quiet so far, all rivers run into the sea

《辉煌和平五大道》 韩宏 Splendid Wudaodao Cultural Tourism District - Han Hong

《年画之乡杨柳青》崔宪伟 Yangliuqing, Hometown of New Year’s Paintings - Cui Xianwei

2024天津市杨柳青灯展 胡洁 2024 Tianjin Yangliuqing Lantern Show - Hu Jie

冬日津湾 杨美玲 Winter at Tianjin Bay - Yang Meiling



Enjoy your weekends in beautiful Hebei

斜阳古渡 Setting Sun Over Ferry Crossing

南川老街 Nanchuan Ancient Street

清风楼 Qingfeng Mansion

壮美沧州大运河 Mangificent Cangzhou Section of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal